Bodils minimalistiske holder for kantebånd

Bodils minimalistiske holder for kantebånd

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Bodils minimalistiske holder for kantebånd

Holder to guide bias strips into the coverlock accessory without twisting or hassle


The holder is 3D printed after an ide by Bodil Søiland.

Fits most machines, and replaces having the strip on a toiletroll, stick or flapping about.


How to use the holder:

1. Rull the desired length of bias strip onto the spool

2. Place the holder to the side of the sewingmachine so that the strip is fed straight into the accessory.

3. Place the spool on top, load up the fabric and let your inspiration do the rest.


As easy as can be, no more twisting, knots or cats hanging in the end of the strip. The spool will spin around as the fabric is being pulled in to the machine, and you can consentrate on getting the seams right rather than using one hand to keep the strip correctly aligned.

Weight in the bottom of the holder keeps it from falling over, and pads of non-slip material on the base keeps it steady on the table.


Normal productiontime if out of stock 1-3 days, or more depending on the order volume. Making one takes about 6 hours, so these are not massproduced items, but a crafted tool to be desired by professionals as well as the creative amateur


Do you have an idea, or need something tailored YOUR need? MAke sure you contact us with an e-mail on the adress at the bottom of the page.


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