BCN Sigma E3D HotEnd Pack

BCN Sigma E3D HotEnd Pack

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Hotend upgrade kit bundle for BCN3D from E3D

This hotend set is compatible with the BCN3D Sigma and the BCN3D Sigmax 3D printers.

This is included in the kit:

  • 1x Sigma BCNozzle 0.3 mm
  • 1x Sigma BCNozzle 0.4 mm
  • 1x Sigma BCNozzle 0,5 mm high performance
  • 1x Sigma BCNozzle 0.6 mm
  • 1x Sigma BCNozzle 0.8 mm
  • 1x Sigma BCNozzle 1.0 mm

Each 3D print has its own unique characteristics and needs, so it is advisable to select the right hot end for each manufacturing process.

The new hotend family covers a wide range of nozzle sizes. Create a wide range of parts from small and detailed objects to massive and solid parts in the shortest possible time. The package also includes a special hot end with a 0.5 mm hardened stainless steel nozzle, ideal for 3D printing with abrasive materials.

Thanks to the hotend family and the BCN3D Sigma's unique IDEX system, you can push the boundaries of 3D printing by combining different hotend sizes.

Use a 0.3 mm hotend to 3D print the outer contours and a 1.0 mm hotend to 3D print the infill material. This gives you an excellent finish and saves you 3 times more time! Or 3D print a large, complex model with the 0.4 mm hotend and use a 0.8 mm hotend to 3D print PVA support structure. You have thousands of combinations!

Check them out:


If you still plan to 3D print solid objects with a 0.8 mm or 1.0 mm nozzle, you may need to upgrade your cleaning container. You can download a larger version here and print it on your Sigma.

Watch the step-by-step installation video:

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