2,85mm PrimaSelect PVA+ 500g

2,85mm PrimaSelect PVA+ 500g

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Modell/varenr.: 102-0-PPVA
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PrimaSELECTPVA+ (polyvinyl alcohol) is a water soluble material that´s most often used as a support material.

PVA prints translucent with a slightly yellow tint. It is most often used on 3D printers with dual extruders, with one extruder printing a primary material (such as ABS or PLA) and the other printing this easily-dissolved material to provide support for overhanging features.

Our new formula for PrimaSELECTPVA+ is more stable to print with than regular PVA. This also means that it bonds much better than regular PVA to PLA, ABS and PETG.


PrimaSELECTPVA+ is the perfect support material for PLA, ABS and PETG due to that it is soluble in water. With this material you can make very complexed prints, for example if you need a print that should be hollow. Print with dual extruders and then just put the finished print in water and watch the support material dissolve.

When printing with PrimaSELECTPVA+ we recommend that you use a heated bed. Set your heat bed to ± 80-90˚C for best results.


PrimaSELECTPVA+ sticks on BuildTak or glass plate coated with adhesive spray or glue stick.

PrimaSELECTPVA+ is reeled on a transparent spool with 500 g of high quality filament. It´s packed in a sturdy box and packed with silica gel to avoid moister.

PrimaSELECTPVA+ are available in diameter sizes of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm.

Our state of the art factory is equipped with the latest in laser measuring technology to ensure that you will receive a spool of filament with a very tight diameter and roundness tolerance. This in turn makes for a filament that is compatible with most common printers on the market today.

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Leverandør Prima Select
Materiale PVA+
Toleranse ± 0.05 mm
Filament Vekt 500g
Printe Temperatur 180 - 205°C
Oppvarmet plattform Anbefales 80-120ºc
Spolestørrelse 200 x 55 mm
Filamentstørrelse 2,85mm
Vanskelighetsgrad Utfordrende
Farge Annet
Tittel Type Størrelse Last ned
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