1,75mm NylonPower Carbon 500g

1,75mm NylonPower Carbon 500g

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SELECT NylonPower Carbon Fiber is the latest generation of high performance material for your 3D Printer. Our SELECT NylonPower is based on Nylon 12 and is reinforced with 20 % carbon fibers. This makes for an extremely tough filament that is perfect for printed parts that can be used in the automotive industry, drones and RC parts.

SELECT NylonPower Carbon Fiber is a very useful material that has very unique properties. Mixed with small, chopped carbon fiber strands, SELECT NylonPower filament offers incredible rigidity, structure, and great interlayer adhesion. NylonPower is very easy to print with and has a matt surface when done. The finished prints are very stiff and rigid and are very useful if you need an object with high stiffness to weight ratio. SELECT NylonPower requires a heated bed, set to 60-70˚C to get a good first layer adhesion.

Due to the abrasive nature of SELECT NylonPower we recommend that you use a hardened steel nozzle for this filament. Using a regular brass nozzle isn´t a problem but it will wear out the nozzle in a short time.

SELECT NylonPower sticks on glass coated with adhesive spray or glue stick.

  • Weight and spool
    Each spool come with 500 grams of high quality filament. NylonPower comes on a clear spool with a powerful desiccant to avoid moister.
  • Perfect diameter tolerance
    NylonPower is controlled during the whole manufacturing process. This ensures that you have a filament with a diameter tolerance of +/-0.05 mm. 
  • Spooling
    We put great effort to make every spool perfect. This is to make you comfortable knowing that the filament won´t tangle on the spool. 
  • Easy to print
    The fibers that are mixed with nylon makes this material very easy to print on most printers. We do, however, recommend a hardened nozzle.


Tips and trick:

Take care of your filament:

Thanks to the Carbon fibers in NylonPower it reduces the amount of water that can be absorbed.
What you need to keep in mind is that NylonPower is a Nylon filament from the beginning, so you need to make sure that the filament is completely dry before using it. NylonPower is shipped in a vacuum sealed bag with desiccant so the first print shouldn´t post any problem.
In case of exposure for humidity we strongly recommend that you dry your spool of NylonPower before you begin to print. To do this, just place the whole spool in the oven at 80°C for 5 to 7 hours. Then you have dried you spool and can start a new print again.

How to print:

NylonPower requires a temperature of 250°C - 265°C to extrude correctly. The filament can be printed on most printers, but we highly recommend that you use an all-metal setup for your extruder. NylonPower can be printed at lower temperatures but please keep in mind that you will not get the same strength in the finished parts.
This filament contains carbon fibers, so it is very abrasive for your nozzle. We HIGHLY recommend that you use a hardened steel nozzle for this filament as a regular brass nozzle will wear out in a very short time.
Larger nozzles of 0.6 or 0.8 creates very strong prints and lower the risks of clogging up the nozzle. But it ok to use with a 0.4 mm nozzle as well.

NylonPower does not stick well to PEI, BuildTak or similar surfaces. Glass is the best surface to use coated with MagiGoo, PrintaFix, PVA based glue stick or similar. When printing with NylonPower you should not use any cooling fans.


Technical data

 Property Test method Value
 Density  ISO 1183  1,00 g/cm3
 Melting point  ISO 11357  180°C
 Tensile Modulus  ISO 527  6000 MPa
 Tensile Strength  ISO 527  100 MPa
 Impact strength  ISO 179/2-1eU  60 kJ/m2
 Ball indentation hardness  ISO 2039-1  110 MPa
 Heat deflection temp. HDT/A  ISO 75  155°C
 Thermal expansion coefficient  ISO 11359  0,5 10-4/K
 Max usage Temp. long term  ISO 2578  90-120°C
 Max usage Temp. short term  ISO 2578D  150°C
 Specific volume resistivity  IEC 60243  103 Ωm
 Flammability  ISO 1210  HB
 Linear mould shrinkage  ISO 294  0,3
Leverandør Prima Select
Materiale Karbonfiberarmert Nylon
Toleranse ± 0.05 mm
Filament Vekt 500g
Printe Temperatur 250 - 265°C
Oppvarmet plattform 60-70ºc
Printehastighet Anbefalt 40 mm/s
Spolestørrelse 200 x 55 mm
Farge Svart
Filamentstørrelse 1,75mm
Informasjon Inneholder partikler som sliter på messingdyser. Ståldyse anbefales!
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Tittel Type Størrelse Last ned
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