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1,75mm NOVAMID®ID 1070 (PA6) 1.75mm 500g Hvit

1,75mm NOVAMID®ID 1070 (PA6) 1.75mm 500g Hvit

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Modell/varenr.: 151-0-1070
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Novamid ID is our unique premium polyamide 6 PA6 originally developed as specialty product line to meet the demand for high-service levels in industries such as automotive and electronics. Novamid ID is a very ductile, strong polymer suitable for harsh environments and high temperatures, up to 150°C, offering excellent layer-to-layer adhesion, strength and toughness compared to other 3D printing materials. Since Novamid ID?s bridging performance is unique, the high crystallinity of the polymer allows designs with overhangs.

Farge Hvit
Filamentstørrelse 1,75mm
Vanskelighetsgrad Utfordrende

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