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Taulman  ComPlete Nylon Lim

Taulman ComPlete Nylon Lim

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Nylon’s inherently slippery surface makes gluing parts together all but impossible but impossible with standard glues.

When you’re making large nylon pieces with multiple parts use Taulman3D ComPlete nylon glue to assemble your pieces for strong bonds.


Add real word functionality with a nylon specific glue that meets maximum ASTM standards for sealing parts together.

In ASTM D3163-01(2014) testing, none of the glued joints broke before the nylon material broke--and that break occurred at 590PSI+ for an average 599PSI. 


ComPlete nylon glue is made from a modified cyanoacrylate adhesive that was modified to increase “uptake” to the nylon surface and present a secure bond without needing to modify the surface with sandpaper or other abrasives.

Because 3D printed surfaces are often made up of rows of polymer, the actual contact area is often ribbed and never truly flat.

This reduces the total effective application area.

ComPlete works to secure the mated pieces even at minimal total contact area.

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