1,75mm PET-G 1kg Gjennomsiktig

1,75mm PET-G 1kg Gjennomsiktig

195,30 NOK 279,00 NOK

(inkl. mva.)

Ingen produktomtale
± 0.02 mm
Oppvarmet byggeplate  
Nei, men 40-70ºC anbefales
Print temperatur
210 - 235°C
Filament vekt
1 kg (1000g)
Filament lengde
335 m  +/- 1%
200 x 66 mm
Spole hull diameter
54 mm
Vekt tom spole
Modell/varenr.: 171-0-CTRA
Lagerstatus: På Lager

EasyPrint PETG is an extremely tough material. It has very high impact strength, good flexibility and practically no shrinkage. We offer two versions of PETG, Transparent and solid. With the transparent you will have a high gloss and almost completely transparent print depending on your wall thickness. The solid colors offer a vivid and beautiful surface with a high gloss finish. EasyPrint PETG is a glycol modified PET which means that it has even higher clarity, stiffness and toughness than regular PET.

EasyPrint PETG  is the perfect addition for you filament collection. It has many unique features which makes it one of the most versatile filaments in our portfolioYou can make beautiful prints in ""vase mode"" with more than 90% light transmission and almost no haze. EasyPrint PETG doesn´t release any toxic or irritating fumes when printing.

EasyPrint PETG has very good interlayer adhesion which makes it extremely easy to print with. If you have a heated build plate we suggest that you use a temperature around 40-60 ˚C

EasyPrint PETG sticks on BuildTak, PEI sheet and glass plate coated with adhesive spray or glue stick.

  • Full weight!
    On every spool of EasyPrint you will have a perfect spooled filament with a weight of 1 kg or 3 kg depending on what your needs are. When you compare price and performance EasyPrint is hard to beat!

  • Wide Temperature span
    Thanks to the high quality and lack of additives you can print this filament in a very wide temperature range. Recommended temp is 210° – 235° C

  • Perfect diameter tolerance
    EasyPrint is made to be one of the best on the filament market. With a diameter tolerance of +/-0.02 mm and continuous roundness. The filament is controlled during the whole manufacturing process to assure that you will receive a perfect spool of filament each time you order. This will improve your prints and will also not cause any clogging

  • Continuously monitored
    During the manufacturing process laser is being used to measure the filament to ensure that we live up to our promise for a tolerance of +/-0.02 mm

  • Perfect spooling
    When you first lay your eyes on a spool of EasyPrint you will notice the perfect spooling. Each layer is perfectly spooled with no overlaps or crossing of the previous layer. This ensures that the material will be tangle free and will not cause you any trouble even if you have very long prints planned.

  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
    is made from 100% pure virgin material. Thanks to the pure material EasyPrint meets the demand of a modern environmental safe PETG and is REACH and RoHS compliant. There is no additives in EasyPrint which is one of the reasons for the extreme ease of use.

  • Length indicator on spool
    Every spool of EasyPrint has a very smart length indicator on it. This makes it much easier for you to keep track on how much filament that is left on the spool.

  • EasyPrintsticks on BuildTak, PEI or glass plate coated with adhesive spray or glue stick. There´s no need for a heated plate but if you have it we recommend a setting of 40°- 60° C
  • EasyPrint comes on a clear spool that is vacuum sealed with desiccant to maintain low levels of moisture content. 
  • EasyPrint is available in different diameters, weights and comes in many vibrant, beautiful colors, both solid and transparent.

Technical data

PhysicalTest methodValue
DensityASTM D15051.27 g/cm3
Water Absorbation (24 hour immersion)ASTM D5700.2 %
Rockwell hardnessASTM D785116 R-scale
ShrinkageASTM D9550.2 - 0.5 %
Tensile strenght @ YieldASTM D63853 MPa
Tensile strenght @ BreakASTM D63826 MPa
Elongation @ YieldASTM D6385.0 %
Elongation @ BreakASTM D63870 %
Flexural StrenghtASTM D79080 MPa
Flexural ModulusASTM D7902150 MPa
Izod Impact Strenght (Notched @ 23°(73°F)ASTM D25690 J/m
Heat Distortion @ 0.455 MpaASTM D100374° C
Vicat Softening TemperatureASTM D152583° C
Light TransmittanceASTM D100390 %

Filamentstørrelse 1,75mm
Vanskelighetsgrad Middels

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